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Refrigerator Case Lighting

Sun-In-One™ Refrigerator and Freezer Case Lighting is the leading LED under shelf, canopy, and vertical cooler display case lighting on the market and the new choice for manufacturers to install directly at the factory. Why? Because not only are they IP67 certified – waterproof and not just water-resistant (making them easier to clean and defrost) – but the patented lenses don’t show any diodes or glare on the products. No more “railroad tracks” viewable inside the refrigerator or freezer display cases or on the products.

Refrigerator and freezer display cases sell products. A 95 CRI (Color Rendering Index) allows the customer to see the true color and clarity of the products on display. There are three (3) different recommended “K temperatures” for meat, chicken, pork and seafood. And an “R9 Value” of 87 for full color spectrum (much higher than others) coupled with 90⁰ and 180⁰ under shelf and vertical lighting fixtures that shine all of the light on the products continue to vault the Sun-In-One Refrigerator and Freezer Case Lighting to the top of the industry. The uniform light distribution throughout the commercial refrigerator case eliminates LED hot spotting and improves the visual merchandising effectiveness.

Energy and cost savings are key. These LEDs are 3X the efficiency of T12 fluorescent lighting, and an optional presence detection sensor, which automatically dims to 20% when an aisle is empty and brightens to 100% when it senses a customer, delivers energy savings around the clock. These quality long-lasting LED under shelf, canopy, and vertical LED cooler lights (rated to 100,000 hrs) rarely require a service call or repair and are backed by a 7-yr non-prorated, full-replacement warranty on the drivers and LEDs – tops in the industry. The retrofit kits have adjustable magnetized or adhesive mounting for easy placement, thus further saving on installation and maintenance costs.

Sun-In-One™ Refrigerator and Freezer Case Lighting already meets the DOE’s 2017 Commercial Refrigeration Lighting Standards, vaulting it to the top of the industry. The LED lights don’t emit UV and infrared light which have a negative effect on the freshness of meats, seafood, and vegetables. This extends the shelf life of the products on display. The LED refrigerator and freezer lights are not only RoHS and NSF compliant, but also are non-hazardous, mercury free and 100% recyclable.

About Sun-In-One

Sun-In-One™ is dedicated to engineering the most efficient solar-powered solutions for every-day applications. Where reliable energy is critical, our high-performing integrated solutions match on-grid reliability, efficiency and safety benchmarks. We are committed to maintaining that standard through continuous research and development that will deliver superior products with a measurable ROI. Our solar products are designed and tested to withstand harsh environments and extreme operating conditions. They account for everything from local weather conditions to regional solar absorption rates to ambient light issues.