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Enhance Food’s Integrity, Freshness & Appearance

LED undershelf lights illuminate vibrant brightness to enhance food appearance and ensure perishables stay fresher longer. Food’s nutritional integrity, freshness and appearance react under varying wavelengths light. Bacteria growth flourishes under certain lighting conditions. Foods that are illuminated under a lamp not designed for food retail applications will undergo more chemical changes and be more […]

Which LEDs are Best for Lighting Meat, Poultry or Fish?

Shoppers judge meat, fish, and vegetables by its appearance and are attracted to fresh and appealing goods. Shoppers judge meat, fish, and vegetables by its appearance and are attracted to fresh and appealing goods. Sun-In-One LED lighting can really enhance the appearance of fresh foods on your supermarket shelf and also help to prevent discoloration […]

Get Lighting that Lasts 100,000+ hours! How long is that?

100,000 hours is a long time. Not all businesses have their lights on all day, but grocery stores tend to have much longer operating hours, with some locations never closing and staying open 24/7 all year long. Therefore, you need dependable, long-lasting lighting. The longer the LED lights last, the more money saved through not […]

Get Brighter Lighting & Save Energy Costs at the Same Time

If you’re considering energy efficient lighting solutions, Sun-In-One’s LED lighting system offers more than 3X the efficiency of T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures while enhancing product appearance. Our refrigerator and freezer case LED lights products can easily replace existing fluorescent fixtures or can be installed in new refrigeration and freezer cases. A lifetime rating of 100,000 […]

Show Customers the True Color & Clarity of Meats, Produce & other Foods

Sun-In-One has the highest CRI (color index rendering) to be implemented in any products in refrigeration lighting. When customers see the true color and clarity of meats, produce and other foods, it is more appealing to the shopper and leads to moresales. Refrigerator and freezer display cases sell products. A 95 CRI (Color Rendering Index) […]

Boost Refrigerator & Freezer Product Sales with our Smart LED Case Lighting

Our LED refrigerator and freezer case display lights are designed to provide radiant product appearance, top-rated waterproof performance and longer life. Low-to-no maintenance and energy savings reduces your lighting costs up to 80%. Sun-In-One LEDs are the only lights that feature a proprietary design resulting in a balanced spectrum of light. Our lighting provides: Waterproof […]